Wedding décor ideas to light up your wedding

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and a lot of preparation goes into all aspects of it. From entertainment to food to seating to décor- everyone wants their special day to be perfect. Wedding décor is no exception, with endless possibilities available which will really give your chosen venue character and make it come alive. In this post, we look at some awesome wedding décor ideas, which use lighting to give life to your reception area.

Clustered candles:

Tables are numerous at a wedding reception and a lot can be done with them to really make them look appealing and decorative. Create table centerpieces by clustering candles together. You can opt for regular candle holders, or you can use floating candles for a unique effect. Using lighting as a table centerpiece is really effective when it comes to beautiful wedding décor.

Light up trees:

Particularly if you are using an outdoor wedding venue, columns of lit-up trees will really look amazing and make your guests feel like they are walking into a modern-day fairytale. Use strings of lights to bring trees to life and let your guests enjoy this creative form of wedding décor.


Chandeliers look really elegant and appealing when used as wedding décor. Not only can they be used indoors as a centerpiece, but they also look great when used as outdoor décor. Use single to triple tier chandeliers which can be provided by Ramloo Lights. There are also different styles to choose from including French, Colonial or rustic chandeliers.

Hanging lanterns:

Lanterns add a soft, delicate feel to any environment and when used as wedding décor, they will not let you down. Paper lanterns have become very popular wedding décor accessories, and they are also available in different colours which enhance their whimsical look and feel. If you are wanting to go for something slightly more upscale, there is also the option of using hanging glass lanterns.

Curtain lights:

Take wedding décor to a whole new level with cascading curtain lights. Curtain lights can form a beautiful and dramatic backdrop which will really make a big difference to your wedding reception. You can pair curtain lights with different materials and colours in order to match your other wedding décor.

Draped lights:

Draped lighting can create a very dramatic and eye-catching look for your wedding. Drape strings of lighting elegantly from the ceiling and let these lights illuminate your reception. Simply beautiful!

Overall, lighting is actually very under-rated when it comes to wedding décor. It is not usually the first element which people consider, but it really sets the tone and can play a huge role in bringing your wedding décor together, so that your special day can be one to always treasure!

At Ramloo Lights, we provide wedding décor to light up your special day. Please feel free to give us a call for more information.

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