Tips on choosing the right garden décor

When it comes to choosing garden décor, it can be quite an interesting yet overwhelming process. With a large number of garden benches, pot holders, and other garden furniture available, one may need some help in deciding which garden décor is right for the particular garden. In this post, we give you a few tips on choosing the right garden décor.

Garden décor you can relate to:

Since it is your garden, it should be a space which can be an extension of yourself. Choose garden décor which you can relate to and which perhaps reminds you of your childhood. This can be anything from cute garden benches to pot plants.

Identify the theme of your garden:

Before you go out to buy your garden décor, think about a theme for your garden which will set you in a clear direction. In other words, think about the type of garden you would like to create. If you have a garden which is primarily for your children, then it may be better to go for more vibrant colours as opposed to modern, classic looking garden décor.

Fit the feel of the different areas of your garden:

Look for garden décor and garden furniture which fits the feel of the different areas of your garden. For example, if you have a small pond in your garden then it may look good to have an ornament of a frog in the center.

Don’t put too much in the same place:

You don’t want your garden to seem too cluttered, so try to spread out your garden décor through different areas. This will also keep things more interesting when guests come to visit.

Use garden décor to help break up large fences or walls:

Walls and fences can be great places to display your garden décor. Long, dull walls and fences can always do with a bit of character so garden décor can do just this.

Focal points:

Use garden décor to create focal points in your garden. A good example of this is placing an ornament or piece of garden furniture at the end of a pathway. Also, any piece of garden décor which is white, will create a very noticeable focal point in itself.

Get creative with flower pots and pot holders:

Use flower pots and pot holders to add variety to your garden with regards to height and style. There are a variety of ways to display flowers, apart from traditional flower pots. Instead of confining your garden to the ground, you can use baskets, planters, flower stands and more to add some flair.

At Ramloo Lights, we sell a variety of garden décor which will bring your garden to life. Feel free to contact us for more information on what we have available.

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