The different styles of lanterns

When it comes to lighting décor, lanterns are extremely trendy these days. A lantern can be defined as a portable lighting device or mounted fixture which is used to illuminate broad areas. Lanterns are great for both indoor and outdoor use, and really add character to any living space. Both traditional and decorative lanterns exist in a wide range of styles and designs. For example, some lanterns can be hung while others are placed just above the ground.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the various styles of lanterns available and the benefits of each when it comes to decorating your home:

French Style Lanterns:

French style lanterns embrace European style and create a warm, appealing look. Hanging lanterns fit in well with this French style of home décor, and also include chandeliers with distressed finishes and crystal accents. Give your home that inviting feel with French style lanterns and furniture which is soft and comfortable.

Classic Colonial Style Lanterns:

Who can forget the classic colonial style which is so dignified and timeless? Classic colonial style lanterns are great for outdoor use.  Colonial style lighting originated from Georgian style which involved elements such as wreaths, scrolls, shields and urns. Colonial style lanterns often feature a few candelabra type lights which are surrounded by clear glass. Simple yet refined, hang these lanterns on gates to create a classic inviting atmosphere or use indoors to add a touch of classy elegance to any room.

Tuscan Style Lanterns:

Tuscan style lanterns draw inspiration from old-style Europe and feature décor which looks refined and gently aged. These lanterns are beautiful and elegant with rounded arch-like rooflines which look great with other rounded design elements such as Mediterranean style roof tiles. Give your home that warm Tuscan feeling with Tuscan style lanterns.

Rustic Style Lanterns:

Rustic interiors are known for being natural and unrefined, with wooden features, weathered metals and woven fabric. When it comes to rustic style lanterns, they generally make use of natural light and look appealing as a focal point between a rustic interior and the nature outside. Hanging lanterns and chandeliers really give off a great rustic feel to any home.

When picking out a lantern for your home, there are a lot of styles to choose from so it is important to decide beforehand which type of feeling you want your home to convey. Don’t forget to have a look though our website’s product pages in order to see examples of the lantern styles mentioned above. There is something for everyone so add some light to your home decorating ventures with Ramloo Lights!

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