How African-style lighting and decor can transform your home

Using African-style décor and lighting has become increasingly popular in Western households. Using African themed bright colours, tribal patterns and African style lighting which includes African style wall lights and stand up lamps, can really add character to a home. In this article, we look more closely at African style lighting and décor, and how combining different elements can really give your home that African feel which is appealing to many.

When it comes to African décor, popular colours used are usually quite dynamic and inspiring. They include a lot of oranges, yellows and vibrant colours which are reminiscent of the sunburnt earth and African sunsets. How much colour you use is dependent on your personal preference, as some people may prefer to opt for more basic colours with tribal patterns instead. Colours used also depend on one’s mood. African-style wall lights therefore often contain African patterns or rich, vibrant colours.

Wall lights, also known as sconces, provide lovely, soft lighting which gives off an inviting glow. If you are trying to create an African atmosphere in your home, then African-style wall lights are perfect for adding to this atmosphere. They are also very easy to set up as they use the wall for support so they don’t require a base on the ground to support them.

Stand up lamps are also visually appealing and effective when trying to create an African feel in your home. Place them in your living room, surrounding your furniture and enjoy the inviting feeling which they bring. African stand up lamps often feature sculpted animal designs or lampshades with animal prints on them.

Due to Africa being a continent full of wildlife and beauty, it is not surprising that African inspired décor characteristically features furniture, lighting, and details which incorporate all these African elements. Tribal designs and prints are very popular, and this includes items such as animal skin rugs and animal figurines. For example, one might combine African style bed linen with bedside African inspired lamps or African style wall lights. Another popular African element to include in the bedroom could be bedside picture frames with colourful beads, or decorative boxes which feature animal faces.

Chandeliers can also add a nice touch to African inspired homes, although wall lights and stand up lamps tend to fit in better with the theme.

Overall, creating an African inspired feel in your home can really give it a lot of much-needed character, combined with a feeling of warmth. Animal prints, statues, wooden floors and framed animal pictures can really work together well, combined with African inspired wall lights and stand up lamps.

No matter which design elements you choose to use, it is helpful to ask an expert for some guidance. Turning your living space into an African palace can be quite challenging, but more than that, it can be a lot of fun.

Happy decorating and good luck!


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